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For Speakers Who Want to Join Us

Please read this page before contacting us. We'd like to build reasonable expectations, saving both of us time and expense. 

Breaking into speaking or training? Click: For Aspiring Speakers: Professional Coaching

We do not train aspiring speakers and cannot provide free career advice. For professional guidance, we can refer you to a speaking coach, who will charge a flat fee for 6-12 months of their services. Call us at: 718 (space) 789 (space) 1136 or mtaubleb (at) promenadespeakers (dot) com about coaching for aspiring professional speakers. 

Authors looking for publishing or ghostwriting assistance:

If you want to present at our quarterly Brooklyn futurist meetup, please contact us. 
The event is promoted to 1,900+ members plus partner groups and attracts 50-150 attendees at a convenient venue. Topics track trends 20-30 years or more in the future. No speaking fee or travel reimbursement (other than a taxi) is available. Book sales are possible and we may feature you on our bureau site in prep for the appearance. Here's the meetup site: 

Are you an experienced speaker ready for bureau representation?
If we did not contact you about a date, please read before calling:

Our speaker preferences:

1) Experienced speaker (100+ paid bookings under your belt, $4,000+/booking, nationally known). 

2) You have a good quality demo video. These days, a lack of video puts you at a severe competitive disadvantage, especially if your fee is $5,000 or more. Clients expect to see a short quality video, preferably viewable on the net. This is so important to a bureau - even for better known presenters. Our clients often have to sell speakers internally through committees, their clients, top executives. They are looking at many speakers from many sources. Often, clients don't have time to fully read profiles - especially ones that have a lot of superfluous info. For better or worse, a video may help tell them in 2 minutes if this is the right person to consider. 

The few thousand dollars you spend on a professionally shot and edited video will pay for itself many times over in more and higher paying bookings.

Even better than a DVD is a video you have posted online, particularly at an easy access site like Youtube. We'd much rather refer a client quickly to a site, than ship a DVD out. 

If you want bureaus to readily refer you, please don't have your contact info all over the video. We know anybody can find anybody, but help us out a bit.   

We moved this to #2, because it is that important.

Given the choice between a speaker with a video and without one, I'll usually recommend the former. Even if I recommend you initially, a client request for a video will drop you out of consideration.

If you don't have a video, please have a ready list of speaker references and ample testimonials we can easily share with our clients.

3) Willingness to work across US, easy to reach and quick to respond (within 24 hours).

4) Charges clients same through bureau as client going direct to you.

5) Refers spinoff business to bureau.  

6) Adaptable electronic marketing materials (Microsoft word format!).

7) Appeals to any of our four major specialties: healthcare, insurance, financial services, women's managerial/exec development. Others: futurists, energy sector, professional services, retail/consumer behavior, service, sales, leadership, innovation/thinking creatively, design, economics, geopolitics/globalization.

8) Offers something different than those on our roster or at a different fee tier and/or addresses a hot topic.

9) Is not listed on dozens of other bureau sites. Please note: 

  • We do not arrange events.
  • We do not charge speakers for our services, except when we book you. An industry standard commission is then deducted.
  • We do not train speakers, although we can refer you to a speaker coach, who will charge you for their services.
  • Our clients' audiences are typically employees, leadership, their customers or professionals, not the general public.
  • We don't seek self-help, holistic or similar personal development gurus.
  • We cannot guarantee any amount of bookings. 
  • We do not dedicate promotion on behalf of any given speaker; we operate as brokers, not agents and generally do not set up "exclusive" speaker arrangements. 
  • We do not return speaker materials. Please do not send us your last copy/original - make a copy and send it to us.  
  • We cannot meet most speakers, except ones who have longer term productive relationships with us, regular bookings and who happen to be visiting Manhattan - with advance notice.
  • Please do not send mass unpersonalized introduction e-mails to promote yourself to us - we don't read them.  
  • Please do not send big unsolicited packages of stuff, especially books. We can't keep them. We really don't need printed kits.  
  • See below for how to send unsolicited introductions.
  • Some of our speakers are not posted on our site. We may be actively considering you even if you never appear on our site.
  • Phone calls to see if we have work for you are discouraged.
  • If you are part of our roster, a quarterly or biannual contact is welcome if you have news that can help us sell you!

10) You should be flexible and easy to work with in preparation for the engagement and especially onsite. Unless you are being asked to do something that is a major breach of our speaking agreement with client, it is better to give the benefit of doubt to client. If you are not sure of how to handle a situation, please contact us at any time, including from the event. The professional courtesy extended to clients, should extend to their vendors. Please do not make last minute, uncontracted requests that will require client to scramble (example - inviting guests, food and drink not previously requested, changing time slots, etc.). You could do a great job speaking, but if you are difficult to work with and throw in unwelcome surprises, we're much less likely to recommend you.

11) Please do not automatically expect to sell your products or services onsite. If you want to sell your products, we must first get explicit approval from client prior to our submitting the speaking agreement. Even, if they ok this arrangment, you should not be selling your products or services from the platform. Let the client mention you will be available after the speech for selling your product, where and when. You should devote as much time as needed to meeting the audience after your speech to talk about whatever they have on their mind - prior to proceeding to your product table. Under no circumstances are you to enlist the client or their vendors to help with transactions. If you need an assistant to handle this, bring them in - at your cost. If the event is in NY City or surrounding suburbs, we may be able to assist you ourselves.
12) If any audience member or client asks for booking information during or after the event, you are to refer them to our bureau. Our contact information should be on your handouts for this purpose. We will follow up any leads and manage bookings that arise. If non-speaking opportunities arise (e.g. coaching, consulting, writing), we'll review with you how to handle on a case-by-case basis.

13) Consider posting your profile on For a nominal cost, you will get a professionally designed template with your bio, topics, testimonials, photo, calendar, video. Everytime you update that info, we will automatically have access to it. Visitors to our site will be much more likely to find you if you are on

Unsolicited Speaker Introductions:
Like other bureaus, we receive more unsolicited inquiries from speakers than we can respond to, especially on the phone. Before calling us, please read this section thoroughly and then e-mail your speaker kit if you fit the requirements. Kindly
wait two to four weeks after your e-mail introduction. If you call us unsolicited, we'll ask you to visit this section first. In your email introduction, Please include:

  • a cover note that succinctly and clearly tells how you can build the business of our bureau and our clients. Claiming  be "great", "unique", "motivational", "want more bookings", "want to get into the business" lacks credibility. Our only goal is to match our clients with the most appropriate speaker, not to get more bookings for any particular speaker.  
  • a link to a demo video of live presentations 
  • clear, compelling speech topic descriptions (not just the title) 
  • fee schedule, special offers
  • biography - no resume or C.V.
  • testimonials (no older than last few years please)  
  • bureau friendly (lacking your contact info) marketing materials showing why you are different from competitive speakers
  • We've taken the time to write this, so we appreciate speakers who take the time to read it and respond accordingly.
  • If we are approached by a mass email, we delete it, especially if there is nothing in the subject line.

We strongly prefer Microsoft word format, not PDFs for unsolicited introductions.

If there looks like a possible fit, we'll contact you and may ask for more support materials, such as a demo video or a book. If not, we will try to reply but cannot promise to do so. If we don't respond immediately, we very well may retain your info for the right opportunity, whether it is a week or years later. We genuinely have several speaker files to actively search when looking for ideas. Similarly, we do not post web profiles for every speaker who contacts us, even if we intend to use you in the future.

If Mailing, use US Postal Service only:

Promenade Speakers Bureau, LLC

P.O. Box 23398

Brooklyn, NY 11202-3398

(Mailing unsolicited materials is discouraged)

E-mail us for Fedex/UPS delivery address.

Books to read on Speaking Profession:

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