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Russell Brumfield - Author of Whiff, Scent Marketing and Social Gaming Speaker
Russell Brumfield - Author of Whiff, Scent Marketing and Social Gaming Speaker

    Russell Brumfield is the coauthor of the paradigm-setting book Whiff and is a leader in the scent branding and marketing field. Whiff: The Revolution of Scent Communication in the Information Age defines a powerful future trend—based on our human biology—that promises to alter the way we do business and lead our lives. Since this is a fast-moving field, he is constantly adding innovative applications to share with audiences.   

Russell was featured in Success Meetings Magazine:

   In Whiff, readers learn how the powers of scent can assist us in recognition and identification, enhance our comprehension and recall, improve our sense of direction, help us reduce errors, relax us, lower our blood pressure and insulin levels, warn us of impending danger and eradicate disease from airborne viruses. Inventors are harnessing scent to combat counterfeiting, prevent theft, warn of earthquakes and tsunamis, capture criminals, signal troop movements, fight terrorism and diagnose necessary repairs in our homes and on our vehicles and other machinery. Whiff offers readers diverse practical how-to strategies that industry leaders and entrepreneurs can put to good use in their own businesses. Through the latest scientific research, we are learning to speak and understand the ancient language of instincts and emotions that represents nature’s oldest known form of communication—so we may apply it to products, services, and brands.

   Russell Brumfield cofounded Whiff Solutions with James Goldney, a cutting-edge scent branding and marketing consulting company. He is also cofounder and board member of the Scent Marketing Institute, an educational organization.

   Russell Brumfield is a business visionary, consultant, and speaker. His background as founder and former CEO of Wizard Studios, a $25 million international corporation, cultivated his fascination with scent communication and guided him to pursue deeper involvement in the industry. For over 20 years, Brumfield built his expertise and business acumen as he created experiential design, corporate messaging, and themed experiences for Fortune 1,000 companies. He worked globally to design, build, and execute world-class events, business meetings, custom shows, product launches, award programs, conventions, major sports events, themed environments for amusement parks, restaurants, and malls, using multi-sensory techniques. In 2004, he cofounded Whiff Solutions.

   Brumfield has produced events for 80 percent of the Fortune 500 (Chrysler, Toyota, Motorola, Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Merck, Microsoft, Colgate, MTV, Outback Steakhouse, Oracle, the NFL, and more), was an in-house provider to Disney World, and has had contractual relationships with global hotel chains, such as Starwood, Westin, Marriott, Renaissance, Loews, Club Med and Ritz Carlton. Brumfield has been a board member, advisor, and/or shareholder of many startup companies so he understands the entrepreneurial, investment and executive perspective.

   Since the early 1990s, Brumfield has lectured to diverse audiences on the topics of experiential design, technological branding, meeting/event production and a variety of inspiration and self-empowerment subjects. He now focuses on the diverse applications of scent technology. His speeches are fast-moving, funny and filled with storytelling reflecting his globetrotting experience. Customized keynotes, seminars and training are available.

Russell Brumfield's Topics:

1) Impacting Profits Through Strategic Scent Marketing

   Brumfield is a leading authority on this subject, and reveals exciting research on how strategic scents can increase the bottom line as much as 20%, 30%, and even 50% in specific case studies. He uncovers significant concepts from his book Whiff: The Revolution of Scent Communication in the Information Age.

   Your audience will learn how signature scents can be used to greatly inhibit the one trillion dollar global counterfeit trade market through the simple incorporation of scent into everyday product designs. He shows how scent imbedded marketing triggers will positively impact future sales of auto, electronic, and home consumer product markets. Your guests will receive a humorous and enlightening hour of important education in how to impact their bottom lines by speaking to their customer’s emotions.

Ideal for Product and retail sales, merchandising, innovators, product designers, all categories of retail from F&B to auto and computers

2) The Four Keys to Creating Your Branded Signature Scent

   Brumfield reveals significant studies that unlock the door to your customer’s emotions and decision-making processes. Armed with this new information, your guests will learn how to create a silent, powerful, emotional message using the ancient language of scent communication. After an entertaining delivery on how to develop a “scent script,” Brumfield educates the audience on how to deliver the message through the “fragrance media,” (POP, large environments, packaging, advertising, product design, affinity cards, etc..) Your audience will learn about what Sony, Motorola, Bloomingdales, General Motors, Starwood, and other big players are doing with branded signature scents.

Ideal for marketers, advertisers, major corporate planners, emerging trends, product designers, merchandisers, interior designers, retailers and hospitality.

3) The Science of Scent in the Healthcare Environment

   Brumfield discloses a myriad of research studies that show how essential oils and subsequent aromas are being dubbed the next generation in healthcare treatment and diagnosis.  He covers substantive studies that show the eradication of infectious airborne and hard surface transmission of dangerous microbes, including MRSA, CA- MRSA, and C. Dif. The audience will learn how scent can trigger cognitive functions, and how aroma studies show highly effective bio-feedback triggers and treatments. Brumfield discusses scent research into cancer, Alzheimer’s, endocrinology, wound care, and how aromas can reduce diagnostic procedural cancellation rates. There is something for everyone in this entertaining and educational presentation on the Science of scent in the Healthcare industry. 

Ideal for Healthcare managers, providers, designers, gym operators, educators, PTA, parents orgs

4) New Discoveries in Infection Control

   This is a timely topic as Brumfield reveals new and exciting research that shows how pure essential oils from plants, can eradicate the ever mutating, migrating, and evolving Super Bug Methicilin-resistant Staphylococcus-auereus MRSA and its deadly next-generation of Community-Associated MRSA. Educators, healthcare regulators and providers, health club operators, and anyone dealing in controlling infectious outbreaks in public environments will not want to miss this presentation. Heretofore, deep cleaning, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol preparations, and screening have been the ineffective and highly temporary methods of choice in battling this deadly enemy. Brumfield outlines how MRSA became the naturally created enemy of a mold-induced antibiotic culture, and how we have discovered a similarly natural enemy to MRSA through the use of essential plant oils. Brumfield also explains how the use of non-toxic essential oils can create a safe and secure,  24/7 “Green-Zone” environment within a facility, by incorporating the results of several acclaimed recently published UK hospital studies. This new method of infection control is certain to become a standard in treating infectious microbes in the future, and your guests will not want to miss it.

Ideal for Healthcare, Insurance, Education, Health Clubs, Nursing Homes, Infection meetings

5) The Future of Scent in Hospitality

   Brumfield uncovers decades of scent research regarding customer’s emotional reactions, effective branding strategies, and leading edge technologies, that will literally change the future of the hospitality environment. Discover which companies are on the cutting edge of this new branding strategy, and how multi-sensory branding efforts are increasing brand loyalty and enhancing guest perceptions in the hotel, resort, cruise ship, and gaming industries. In the future, the hospitality guest will enter a guest room that immediately deploys his own custom preferences in music, lighting level, scent, and even art. Brumfield’s informative and humorous delivery is the perfect keynote presentation or “emerging trends” seminar for your organization.

Ideal for Hotels, cruise ships, casinos, restaurants

6) Discovering the “Soul of Your Space” through Scent

Brumfield addresses interior and architectural designers in the art of aromatic design and implementation. This new field of study has proven to be the “next wave” in retail, hospitality, gaming, and home design. Brumfield educates the audience in the research on how scent effects the user’s emotions, and offers instruction on how to create and then deliver a comprehensive scent strategy into any environment. Audience members will receive a certificate of completion of this seminar,  from the Scent Marketing Institute of New York – the leading authority on scent marketing in the marketplace.

Ideal for Interior and architectural design – commercial, trade, retail, hospitality.

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